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    Ghost Legion began in 1998 as the mercenary faction of LSF, one of the largest Star Wars gaming communities. During that era Ghost Legion saw action in XvT, XwA, and the Jedi Knight series. Ghost Legion was an active participant in the worldwide "WoW", or Week of War tournaments.
    When Star Wars Galaxies was released Ghost Legion found a home on Starsider-US. "Ghost Town", contrary to it's name, was soon a bustling player-made city ripe with manufacturing, mission running, and... dancing? The local tavern, known as the Cata Club, was the goto place to tip Master Musician Trandoshans wearing nothing but hot pants!
    After the CU and especially NGE Ghost Legion left SWG behind, with groups of the guild staying together in WoW, LOTRO, and Battlefront 1/2.
    Ghost Legion in SWTOR has few remaining players from the old days, but has been infused by new blood with a passion for The Old Republic. If you are interested in joining us please apply in our Recruitment forum.

We come as a thief in the night
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  • Sarena
  • Disco
  • Thortax
  • Crono
  • Smerty
  • Brix
  • Doubleohseven
  • Drizzo
  • Firstaid
  • Fluffyfingers
  • Genaside
  • Glorious
  • Kaibar
  • Magusrex
  • Malfurius
  • Moe
  • Naroch
  • Ordinals
  • Rouge
  • Rouge
  • Twoboot
  • warning
  • Zarlack
  • Zetsumei
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1.2 is going to be huge

darthvenom, Mar 7, 12 2:31 PM.
Incase anyone missed it:

Its hardmode time!

darthvenom, Dec 16, 11 6:49 PM.
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